Wasps are slender, long-legged, stinging insects with two pairs of wings, yellow markings and a cinched waist. Size varies by species, but wasps range from ½ inch to 1 inch long, and they’re smooth, not hairy (which distinguishes them from bees). Wasps feed on other insects, nectar from flowers and sugary human foods if they can find them. They build gray, honeycomb-like nests above doors and under eaves and overhangs. They will sting aggressively if the nest is disturbed. Reduce your risk of stings by scanning your yard every few days for signs of nests – they can pop up quickly. Screen attic vents to prevent wasps from building nests in the attic. If a nest on your property is located in an area too difficult for you to treat, call a professional pest control company or the municipal public health department for assistance.