Ant & Roach Plus Germ Killer2 (Lemon Scent Aerosol)

  • Kills on contact
  • Kills up to 12 weeks on non-porous surfaces; excluding Oriental cockroaches
  • Reduces 99.9% of germs* insects may leave behind
  • Kills Cockroaches (excluding Oriental cockroaches), Ants**, Carpenter Ants, Crickets, Firebrats, Fleas, Silverfish and Spiders (except Brown Recluse Spiders).

*Staphylococcus aureus and Enterobacter aerogenes on hard, non-porous, non-food-contact surfaces. No residual sanitizer action. Not for primary use as a sanitizer.
**Excluding fire ants and pharaoh ants

Active Ingredients
Prallethrin 0.025%
Cypermethrin 0.100%
Alkyl (60% C14 30% C16 5% C12 5% C18)
dimethyl benzyl ammonium chlorides 0.055%
Alkyl (68% C12 32% C14)
dimethyl ethylbenzyl ammonium chlorides 0.055%
Other Ingredients: 99.765%
TOTAL: 100.000%
  • 17.5 oz
It is a violation of Federal law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling. For indoor residential use only.


  1. Shake well before each use.
  2. Spray insects to kill on contact.
  3. For long-lasting control, treat areas where insects are commonly found. Spray surfaces until wet, moving the spray rapidly to prevent excessive wetting and waste of product. Allow surfaces to remain wet for five minutes.
  4. When treating for ants, spray around door and window frames. Also treat other entry points and trails. 

NOTE: Point spray away from people, pets and plants. Do not use as a room spray. Do not allow people or pets to contact treated surfaces until spray has dried.
Remove pets and cover aquariums before spraying. Do not allow the spray to contact food or food-contacting surfaces. Thoroughly wash dishes, utensils and countertops with soap and water if they are sprayed with this product.
Test inconspicuous sample of fabric or rug for staining  before use. 

Use as a spot treatment indoors

  • Along & behind baseboards
  • Around & beneath appliances
  • Beneath & behind sinks

Other Areas Where Insects Are Often Found:
In cracks & crevices; around pipes & plumbing; around waste containers; in dark corners of rooms, cabinets & closets

Store in cool, dry area away from heat or open flame. Do Not Puncture or Incinerate!
If empty: Place in trash or offer for recycling if available.
If partly filled: Call your local solid waste agency for disposal instructions.
Hazards to Humans and Domestic Animals
Prolonged or frequently repeated skin contact may cause allergic reactions in some individuals.
Have the product container with you when calling a Poison Control Center or doctor, or going for treatment.

Physical or Chemical Hazards

Contents under pressure. Do not use or store near heat or open flame. Do not puncture or incinerate container. Exposure to temperatures above 130ºF may cause bursting.
To the extent consistent with applicable law, buyer assumes all responsibility for safety and use not in accordance with directions.

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