Hot Shot Bed Bug Glue Trap

Hot Shot Bed Bug Glue Trap

The Hot Shot™ Bed Bug Glue Trap provides an easy way to detect your bed bug problems. These disposable, ready-to-use traps detect bed bugs where they live and travel. They work best when placed in areas of known
bed bug activity and harborage, such as on furniture and bed frame legs, between the mattress and box spring, on the floor and under furniture. 

  • Place anywhere bugs can hide: under the bed, between the mattress & box spring, & around the room
  • Multifuncional design helps provide early warning of bed bug infestations
  • Contains no killing agents
  • Contains 4 traps

Click here for a Guide to Systematically Battle Bed Bugs

  • 4 ct
  • 2-Count
Prepare Trap
1. Push in Tab A to break perforation and pull out to remove completely. See figure A
2. To remove release paper, hold down Tab B. Keep pressure on the trap and pull release paper from any corner exposing glue stripes.  See figure B
3. Fold trap at fold line (glue side in). Insert Tab C into the Tabs labeled D.  See figure C

For Use On Furniture & Bed Frame Legs
1. If desired, remove Tab B along perforation.
2. Slide onto furniture leg and/or bed frame leg. See figure D

For Use Between The Mattress & Box Spring
1. Insert Tab B between the mattress and the box spring, allowing glue portion of trap to hang down against box spring. See figure E

For Use On The Floor & Under Furniture

1. If desired, remove Tab B along perforation.
2. Place on floor along walls, ensuring open edge completely touches wall. See figure F

Check trap at least once per week for bed bug evidence, such as small, reddish brown bugs the size of an apple seed, small blood stains or dark excreta spots, dead bed bugs, shed skins or small whitish eggs. If no evidence of bed bugs is noticed on the glue, be sure to check along inside of fold line and where Tabs C and D meet as this is where bed bugs will hide.


Storage: Store in a dry place inaccessible to children and pets.
Disposal: Place trap into plastic bag and tightly seal bag. Make sure bag does not have any holes, rips or tears. Discard in trash immediately.  

CAUTION. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Do not place traps where non-target animals may come in contact. In case of accidental contact with glue, use vegetable or baby oil to remove from skin.  Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water after handling trap.
To the extent consistent with applicable law, buyer assumes all responsibility for safety and use not in accordance with directions.

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